How Would You Like Your Coke To Be Served?

Recently, at one of my favorite restaurant in Buenos Aires, I ordered a Coke to accompany my main dish. Surprisingly, I did not get a regular Coke but instead the waitress performed the Perfect Serve. Basically, it is the ritual of the waiter pouring an ice-cold Coke into a glass filled with ice cubes.

If we define shopper marketing as to positively influence the purchase decision by creating a unique shopper experience, Coca-Cola definitely got the idea…

The campaign was initially launched in Germany in the late-2000 where Coca-Cola was facing the following challenge:

  • Increasing competition from private label brands in the modern channel
  • Appearance of new categories as for example flavored waters
  • Varying product quality standards due to customers differently storing the product
  • Prohibition of establishing exclusivity contracts for Coca-Cola’s dominant position

However, Coca-Cola did not invent the concept of the Perfect Serve. Other companies employed table tents (see below an example of Guinness in a menu) and Stella Artois even created the World Draught Masters (see video below).

Nevertheless, Coca-Cola succeeded in creating a unique and distinctive experience for the consumer at the POS while incorporating its customers. Ensuring high quality standards, increasing customer’s and consumer’s loyalty and ultimately augmenting sales are among the benefits of this extraordinary IMC based on a careful analysis of shopper insights.

How do you like your Coke?

Please share with us.

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