What The World´s Leading FMCG Companies Can Learn From Chewing Gum Manufacturers

Packaging is arguably the most important marketing vehicle for any brand at the POS. Millions of dollars each year are spent on designing or redesigning a product’s package to attract shoppers’ attention. However, little thought is placed on designing secondary¹ packages. Most FMCG arrive at the retailer in the typical beige cardboard box which, after being unpacked, is thrown away.

But does this truly leverage the full potential of the secondary package? Isn´t there any other purpose for the secondary package than merely its logistic one?






Chewing gum and candy manufacturer might give us an idea of how to use secondary packages as displays. A simple redesign of the original cardboard box can achieve impressive results.






The advantages of using the secondary package as display are manifold.

  1. Low-cost
  2. Environmental-friendly
  3. No more outdated branding at POS
  4. No more replacing damaged displays
  5.  Display installed when restocking shelf

Through innovate redesign the secondary package can become a very effective display, especially for promotions and the traditional channel.

Nevertheless, if you don’t want to redesign your secondary package for any reason, you can alternatively rearrange your packages in order to call shoppers´ attention.

The photo depicts Red Bull´s display made of ordanary secondary packages arranged to resemble a Formula 1 racing car. Although very little additional material is used apart from the usual 4-PK, the impact is high as the POP successfully intersects with shoppers’ paths in the beverages section. Red Bull’s display perfectly embodies the brand image and the sheer scale of the Formula 1 racing car transmits a more vivid picture than any poster, endcap or other POP material.

So, next time you are considering the design of your product´s package, take into account the potential of your secondary package.

What is the best secondary package you have ever seen? Send us your comments and pictures to include it in this post.

 ¹Or tertiary packages for products like tooth paste for example. Nevertheless, throughout the article, it is referred to secondary packages for reasons of simplicity.


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