Shopper Solution Of The Month (May) – Hornbach

May´s Shopper Solution Of The Month goes to German home center Hornbach for its “Keiner spürt es so wie Du” (Nobody feels it the way you do) campaign created together with Berlin-based ad agency Heimat.

For years, Hornbach successfully positioned home improvement as a cultural movement establishing a highly emotional link between the individual and the “project” he/ she realizes. The sensatory experience, the feeling of achievement and the relationship one develops with the self-made object(s) is at the very center of the campaign (emotional motivation).

However, the above-mentioned merely describes an effective ad campaign. Yet, in order to be a truly successful shopper solution, it is necessary to influence shoppers along the entire path to purchase.

PRESHOP: To create awareness, Hornbach organizes events where actors and artists read out home improvement experiences.  Videos of the events are then published on its Facebook fan page. On the company´s website, do-it-yourself videos, information on tools and materials, and forums to help you out on the most common problems contribute to educating shoppers on home improvement (functional call to action).

To roughly judge shopper engagement, we had a look at the Facebook fan pages of the four biggest German home centers. Hornbach positioned in fourth place with respect to total sales in 2011, outscores its competitors with respect to “likes” received on Facebook except for industry’s number one OBI (see graphic above).

DURING SHOP: Products are organized into projects (shopper solutions) as for example “build your own swimming pool”, hence offering shoppers bundled offers to solve a concrete problem instead of merely organizing products by category. For a more convenient shopping experience, shoppers can buy all necessary products online.

POSTSHOP: Online forums led by professional craftsman and a customer hotline help shoppers on problems they encounter during their projects.

Hornbach’s consistence for the last years along the path to purchase and the holistic approach to shopper marketing convinced shoppernewsblog to award them the Shopper Solution Of The Month.

Once again, congratulations to Hornbach and Heimat!

To the ad lovers among our readers, we recommend the short movie “The Infinite House” and a viral marketing clip starring the fake stunt driver Ron Hammer.


For more information on Shopper Solutions, please consult our introductory chapter or click on the tag Shopper Solutions.

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