Changing The Way Women Shop For Fashion

The global women’s clothing industry is expected to exceed $621 billion in 2014, marking a 12% increase in five years“¹.

But what if there were technologies that would completely alter the way women shop for apparel? What if YouTube would become the number one platform for high-end fashion labels? Or if these female shoppers would have their very own virtual shopping assistants, similar to today´s fitness coaches, who knew their very preferences and tastes but also their real dress sizes?

In this article shoppernewsblog introduces five state-of-the-art technologies that will completely alter the way women shop for fashion.

1.  Shoppable video clips (Taggable video tool  wireWAX)

FKi, Iggy Azalea & Diplo´s recently published music video for “I think she ready” might change music, video-sharing and the fashion industry altogether. The song probably wouldn´t have turned viral on the internet if it wasn´t “the first shoppable music video“.

The clip is based on wireWAX’s software which enables companies to tag video clip sequences similar to tagging photos on Facebook. At any moment users can stop the clip by clicking on an outfit they like and share it with friends. Even more important, they also access a pop-up of Canadian-based luxury retailer SSense where they can buy the very outfit the artists are wearing.


2.   Personal shopping assistant (AVA –

What if your friends don’t have time and your husband isn´t really a choice for accompanying you shopping for fashion? Doesn´t matter because you will encounter a virtual shopping assistant who gives you personalized advice on color combinations, latest trends, and accessories.

U.K. grocery chain ASDA already piloted avatars in the entrance area of their stores in order to provide a candid welcome to its shoppers.


3.   Magic mirrors (StyleMe  Aitech)

How about trying on an entire store´s collection without even taking your clothes off? Magic mirrors enable shoppers to virtually try on clothes, take pictures and send them to friends for approval.

Aitech´s 3D camera-based technology is already installed at London´s fashion retailer John Lewis to help shoppers save time. Other retailers and manufacturers are to follow. According to industry experts, purchase based on digital experience will more than double in the next three years².


4.   Customized experiences (Interactive dressing rooms  C.Wonder)

Although magic mirrors might reduce the selection of dresses, before buying, most shoppers probably still prefer to try on the actual product. So why not also make the dressing room a unique and appealing space?

At C.Wonder in New York, shoppers entering a dressing room are welcomed with music triggered by motion sensors. Apart from refreshments, shoppers find a help button to call a shop assistant. Moreover, they can adjust mood lighting and ambient music to their preferences³.

For more information on Sensory Marketing, please consult “See, Smell, Hear, Taste, Touch – Shop Using All Your Senses!”.


5.   Shop for fashion worldwide (Virtual fashion game – Fantasy Shopper)

Fantasy Shopper is a social game launched in the UK last year. Gamers can shop with a virtual currency in over 300 real boutiques all around the world. Players can then choose their favorite dress and wear it at virtual events. Completing different challenges, gamers can increase their fashionista reputation and this way unlock real discounts for the brands participating in the game⁴.

For more information on Social Games, please consult “Let Your Shoppers Play! – The Power of Social Gaming”.



The way women shop for fashion will definitely change in the next few years as it already did before. Nevertheless, the vast array of opportunities and the pace of change exceed all previous revolutions in the fashion business. Retailers and manufacturers who want to stay ahead in this innovative industry have to be aware of the different technologies and apply those which best fit their shoppers. The traditional boutique with depressing dressing rooms, stressed store employees, and little extras probably still exists in the future.

But would you like to shop for fashion there?


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What technology did you scout that will change shopper marketing forever?

Please share them with us so we can incorporate them into future posts.




Shoppable music video:


Magic mirrors:


Dressing rooms:


Fantasy Shopper:

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