Shopper Solution Of The Month (June) – IKEA

June’s Shopper Solution Of The Month goes to Swedish home products company IKEA for itsThe life improvement store” campaign created together with New York-based ad agency Ogilvy & Mather.

Before starting the campaign, IKEA was facing some intriguing problem. Although shoppers liked the company’s furniture design, they usually ended up buying smaller items on sale postponing the purchase of bigger-ticket items.

To increase ticket size, IKEA and Ogilvy & Mather came up with an idea as simple as intuitive: Arrange products in a way that teaches shoppers to perceive a room in its totality. Instead of selling items separately, the focus switched to selling completely designed “rooms” (solutions).

To accomplish this change in perception, IKEA successfully modified its communication along the entire path to purchase. Print and online ads as well as in-store communication promoted entire rooms thus, visualizing the dramatic effect of redesigning your home (emotional motivator). However, as for any outstanding shopper solution, IKEA also provided shoppers with a functional call to action.


PRESHOP: IKEA‘s ad campaign features families redesigning their homes. Under the slogan of “Made by X, designed by IKEA“, the company launched TV commercials, print and online ads.

The company also launched the website where customers can upload photos of rooms they decorated, tag IKEA products and review photos from others to get additional design ideas.

In addition, IKEA sponsors a TV show called “Fix this kitchen” broadcasted on A&E television network. In the show, a fully-equipped kitchen is assembled at the participant’s home. Goal is to educate customers on redesigning their homes thus, positively contributing to a change in customers’ shopping behavior.


DURING SHOP: IKEA reconfigured its outlay to extend the concept of shopper solutions by rooms to its stores. Instead of promoting bargains on single small-ticket accessories, complete solutions, as for example an entire kitchen with dinning table and chairs, are prioritized.

Also on the company’s website, products are grouped by location (i.e. living room, bedroom, etc.). On theshare-space.comIKEA’s recently launched online community page, shoppers can click on items on user-submitted photos and add these to their wish list.


POSTSHOP: For problems occurring during assembly, IKEA’s website offers manuals and do-it-yourself tips.

On, shoppers can upload pictures of redesigned rooms and review photos from others to get additional design ideas.


For a deeper emotional bonding with customers, IKEA initiated “The Life Improvement Project” in 2010.

Visitors of the website are encouraged to vote for different charity projects. The winner is awarded $100.000 to realize his/her project during a sabbatical. The website also provides manuals for “a better life” and communicates dates and locations of seminars and workshops (i.e. interior design or cooking). The site so far received 10,985 “likes” on Facebook.

IKEA’s consistent communication along the entire path to purchase which transformed customers’ home product shopping behavior convinced shoppernewsblog to award them the Shopper Solution Of The Month.

Once again, congratulations to IKEA and Ogilvy & Mather for the excellent job!


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For the digital shopper marketing lovers among our readers: IKEA recently launched the smallest furniture store in the world. Please visit Adverblog for more information.


What’s your Shopper Solution Of The Month? Please comment so we can take it into account for future awards.

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