How To Engage The Argentinean Shopper – Best Practices

In this post we briefly present some P-O-P materials we encountered at Argentinean retailers. For more pictures and videos, please visit our Facebook site.

In-store events

Villavicencio in-store event.

A display and leaflets communicate Villavicencio´s promotion: “For every Villavicencio (bottled water) that you buy, we will protect one square meter from deforestation and this way support the creation of the National Park “La Fidelidad” in the forests of the Chaco.


 Interactive games

Interactive game by Nestlé’s Nesquik. Cows appear on the screen when shoppers put a box of Nesquik´s cereals in front of the screen. Nevertheless, we didn´t understand what the game is about as the player cannot win points or coupons.

Also the altitude seems a little inappropriate for kids. But maybe the goal is to have parents and kids play together.


Displays & Endcaps

Red Bull Formula 1 Racing Car display made of secondary packages (left).

Absolut Vodka´s “Red Carpet”-themed endcap (center).

Glade´s interactive endcap (right).

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For more information, please consult our post on secondary packaging “What The World´s Leading FMCG Companies Can Learn From Chewing Gum Manufacturers” or click the tag Packaging.

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