Shopper Solution Of The Month (July) – Pampers

July’s Shopper Solution Of The Month goes to P&G´s Pampers brand for its outstanding educational website “Pampers Village.

The website, initially launched in 2008, is an outstanding example of a brand prioritizing the education of shoppers instead of bombarding them with branded content.

Pampers’ products actually take a backseat on the website. Nevertheless, the educational website ultimately increases sales and improves brand indicators hence, serving as a best practice for modern shopper marketing.

Pampers’ strategy is based on a very basic shopper insight: Shoppers do not care too much about diapers but instead are concerned about their baby’s development and health. In consequence, Pampers stopped marketing its diapers based only on technical facts (i.e. absorption capacity) and focused on positioning products as appropriate clothing for different developmental stages. The brand’s marketers even collaborated with fashion designers and product developers to produce more cloth-like diapers.

On the website, parents can access useful information ordered by developmental stage of their baby starting from “pregnant” to “pre-school”. Different posts by experts ranging from how to find the right pediatrician to tips for potty training help parents to solve concrete problems.

Pampers also offers a free downloadable app called “Hello Baby” which accompanies women during pregnancy with general information, educational videos, and fun facts.

Another important section of the brand’s website is dedicated to fostering customers’ loyalty via its “Gifts to grow” program. Shoppers buying diapers or wipes find a code inside each package which they can enter to their virtual account via the website, the mobile app or SMS. Points are accumulated to unlock coupons for products, entrance tickets to children-friendly events or donations to charity programs.

The website of course also contains information on Pampers‘ product line. Categorized by developmental stage of the baby, parents can browse for products online, access information on the various products and its benefits, purchase instantly via the internet or use the built-in store locator to find close-by merchants.

Thus, presents a subtle and consistent approach to accompanying shoppers along the entire path to purchase without being too intrusive. At home, shoppers can obtain useful information on concrete issues related to the developmental stage of their baby. On-the-go, shoppers can use the mobile application to locate nearby stores or to unlock coupons for events. In-store, shoppers can use the app to get additional information on Pampers’ products. Finally, after purchasing a product shoppers can upload the package code to unlock benefits or to donate to charities.

On the brand’s Facebook fan page, additional educational video clips are available in the “Pampers Theater“. The brand also organizes live chat sessions with experts during which users can send their questions in real-time. Moreover, registered users can access further benefits, such as coupons and sweepstakes or download lullabies recorded by American actor and singer Jennifer Hudson.

The educational website attracts some 1.5 million visitors each month¹. On Facebook, Pampers received 1,169,058 “likes” with 9,722 “talking about this” while on Twitter 52,747 users are following the brand’s tweets. Due to the huge success of Pampers’ website, the concept was extended to virtually all of the brand’s markets.

Pampers’ unique approach to solving shoppers’ real-life problems through education instead of endless marketing messages convinced shoppernewsblog to award them the Shopper Solution Of The Month. Pampers successfully achieved turning a simple commodity into a sought-after brand. P&G’s above-average investment in consumer and shopper insights and the extensive interaction with customers all around the world definitely paid off¹.

Congratulations to P&G and Pampers for the excellent job and thank you for helping shoppers to solve concrete problems!


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¹ Martin, D. (2009). Secrets of the Marketing Masters: What the best marketers do and why it works, First Edition. United States Of America, New York: Amacom.

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