Shopper Solution Of The Month (August) – Kraft Foods’ iFood Assistant

August’s Shopper Solution Of The Month goes to Kraft Foods for its outstanding iFood Assistant. The app solves one of shoppers’ most common problems: What to cook for dinner tonight? With a library of more than 7,000 easy-to-prepare recipes, Kraft Foods created one of the most succesful lifestyle apps.

But rather than being a mere digital recipe book, the app actually accompanies shoppers along the entire path to purchase.

Since its initial launch in 2008, Kraft Foods constantly improved the iFood Assistant application which is currently available for free for iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows 7. The integrated tools provide guidance for shoppers along the entire path to purchase and are geared towards solving a common shopper problem: What to cook for my family tonight?


At home & on-the-go

Shoppers can browse iFood Assistant´s vast library of 7,000+ recipes for inspiration.

Recipes are ordered into categories and according to their difficulty of preparation which allows shoppers to navigate easily among options in order to find the right dish for any occasion. Alternatively, users can look for ideas based on what’s still in their fridge thus, positively contributing to reducing wastage of perishable food. Real enthusiasts can also purchase special recipe collections from professional chefs.

Once a shopper found a recipe, the app helps him/ her to prepare a shopping list not to forget any essential ingredients. Based on the shopping list, the iFood Assistant also shows shoppers any coupons available for the products to purchase. They can be saved using the app, send via email to family and friends, or be printed at home.

Shoppers on-the-go can use Kraft Foods’ app to locate the nearest store stocking exactly the ingredients and products they are looking for.



In-store, shoppers can check off items from their shopping lists while adding these to their cart. Hence, the app provides a powerful reminder of all the necessary products and helps shoppers to avoid the common annoyance of missing an essential ingredient. Scanning the bar code of certain items automatically completes this step and shows alternative recipes using this very same product.

At the cashier then, customers can make use of the coupons they stored previously and this way benefit also in financial terms from using iFood Assistant as a shopper assistant.



Returning from the grocery store, shoppers can now access how-to videos or 1-2-3 push cards with step-by-step instructions for preparing the specific dish they have chosen. After enjoying the meal, customers are encouraged to review and comment on recipes or upload their very own ideas to win prizes thus, further increasing shopper engagement. The next day then, they can return once more to their iFood Assistant app to find in the Recipe of the Day category the next inspiration.


Benefits for Kraft Foods

Apart from being a really helpful tool for shoppers by solving one of their everyday intriguing puzzles, iFood Assistant also provides enormous benefits to Kraft Foods. Users are encouraged to register online entering their personal data to get full access to all available tools. This way, Kraft Foods gets access to data on millions of shoppers which allows the food giant to analyze behaviour, preferences and effectiveness of price promotions (i.e. coupon retention). Moreover, the store locator provides a powerful tool to drive traffic to retail partners and hence, contributes positively to fostering bonds with retail partners.

In our previous Chapter “Clash Of The Titans – How FMCG Can Compensate For Retailers’ Head Start In Shopper Marketing” we discussed the importance of manufacturers access to unique shopper insights. Also developing a platform just like Kraft Foods’ iFood Assistant helps manufacturers to raise their bargaining power with retailers.



Kraft Foods’ holistic approach to solving shoppers’ real-life problems by providing them with a consistent set of tools along the entire path to purchase convinced shoppernewsblog to award them the Shopper Solution Of The Month.

Kraft Foods achieved to develop one of the most succesful apps developed by a manufacturer so far by paying close attention to their shopper needs. Although their products take a backseat in the application to not ward of customers, there is no doubt the app positively affects sales, brand indicators and customer loyalty. According to the food giant, “after six months, 60% of users are still using the app regularly“¹.

Congratulations to Kraft Foods for developing an outstanding tool which makes optimal use of technology to drive real world sales by helping shoppers to solve concrete problems!


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What’s your Shopper Solution Of The Month? Please comment so we can take it into account for future awards.




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  2. These are favorite deals looking for discounts.

  3. Dear Felipe,

    Thank you for commenting! The app is currently available only within the US.

    With an American IP you can download the app from the iTUnes store.



  4. Looked for the app at the App Store and there’s no matches. Do you if it is still active? Thanks a million

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