Shopper Solution Of The Month (September) – Kochhaus

September’s Shopper Solution Of The Month goes to German Kochhaus (literally translated “House of cooking”) for its innovative business idea: Provide complete and easy-to-prepare quality meal solutions to modern urban shoppers.

The founders call their concept “the first walkable recipe book” as shoppers can choose from 20 recipes their favorite one and purchase the exact quantity of all ingredients in a single store. The result: A healthier food alternative, increased convenience, and above all happy shoppers!

According to one of the founders, former McKinsey consultant Ramin Goo, a negative experience was the initial inspiration.

When he invited some colleagues to have dinner at his place, he realized how difficult and tedious is to do the grocery. Shoppers have to know in advance what they want to cook, ideally prepare a shopping list and then buy all the necessary ingredients most of the time at various different stores. Instead of a pleasurable experience, the shopping trip was a real nightmare.

So, Ramin was wondering if there couldn’t be a store similar to a walkable recipe book where you get inspired and buy only the very ingredients you really need.

Founded in 2010 in Berlin, Kochhaus is growing steadily, was nominated for the German Innovators Award and attracted attention not only from distressed urban citizens but also from the world press. Despite all the interest, the start-up opts for a slow growth carefully selecting its franchise partners in Germany. Thus, there are currently only five outlets, two in Berlin and three in Hamburg.

The stores themselves are decorated in a very natural way to underline the company’s commitment to a sustainable business (i.e. colaborate with local organic food producers, use environmental-friendly packaging, and so on). Each single recipe is placed on a wooden table with the very ingredients it requires wrapped individually in ecological packaging. Not more than 20 always changing recipes are developed by the company’s chefs.

To the right you can find a recipe for codfish with mediterranean vegetables and fresh herbs. For six persons, you will get exactly eight potatoes, eight tomatoes, one clove of garlic, and so on. If you already got some garlic at home or just want to cook for two persons, you can leave unnecessary ingredients thus positively reducing waste of perishable goods.

The recipes themselves are classified into three categories according to their difficulty, ranging from easy to hard. Moreover, all dishes can be prepared in less than 60 minutes acknowledging the usual lack of time of Kochhaus‘ clientele. The portfolio includes starters, main dishes and desserts to allow its customers even the preparation of a sophisticated dinner at home. Prices range from Euro 1.90 (U$ 1.51) to Euro 9.70 (U$ 7.71). Furthermore, for each dish Kochhaus recommends the appropriate wine which is available at affordable prices as well.

To the shopper who prefers even more convenience, Kochhaus also offers a flexible subscription service including up to one starter, three main dishes, and one dessert for two persons at Euro 49 (U$ 38.96). Customers who do not want to compromise themselves, can opt for same-day-delivery orders. They can choose from one of the dishes of the menu and get the very ingredients delivered to their door steps the same evening.

Kochhaus also offers cooking classes and published its very own book containing 80 different recipes. Additionally, customers can acquire gift vouchers and contract Kochhaus to organize events.

On Facebook, Kochhaus already recruited 13,192 followers and the start-up is considered one of the most innovative new food retailers in Europe.

shoppernewsblog is fascinated by Kochhaus‘ commitment to offering high quality products at fair prices while providing a service which acknowledges the very needs of busy urban citizens. Kochhaus in itself is a shopper solution and thus convinced us to award them with the Shopper Solution Of The Month Award.

Ramin and his team recognized that modern shoppers are too busy and do not have the time after work to browse various stores for their groceries to prepare an elaborate dinner. Yet, shoppers also do not wish to depend merely on frozen and often poor-quality microwave dinner solutions.

Congratulations to Ramin and his team and thank you for offering us a healthy and sustainable food alternative!


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All photos retrieved from the company’s website

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International Herald Tribune

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