Shopper Solution Of The Month (October) – Kellogg’s Special K

October’s Shopper Solution Of The Month goes to Kellogg’s Special K for its creative approach to increasing sales by creating new consumption opportunities using as a platform a common problem many women face: Weight loss.

The claim of the campaign is as simple as enticing: “Drop a jeans size in two weeks” simply by following Special K‘s dieting plan.


In 2003, Special K was facing a tricky question: How to increase sales in the breakfast category in which the brand already had acquired a dominant market position and which was considered to be a mature industry?

The solution was to create a second consumption occasion during the day. But how to promote it? Kellogg‘s marketers came up with an ingenious idea: Create a dieting plan which is based on a bowl of Special K‘s cereals for breakfast and another to replace lunch or dinner. Moreover, the campaign is based on an appealing promise: Drop a jeans size in just two weeks!

Along the entire path to purchase, Kellogg’s developed an elaborate communication plan which accompanies shoppers.



On the brand’s website, users can access abundant information on how to achieve their goal of loosing weight. Users can create their very own dieting plan based on a personal goal. The website also includes a wide range of healthy recipes to facilitate the preparation of a complete dieting plan. Moreover, relaxation and fitness tips are available to stress the importance of a balanced lifestyle.

On Facebook, the brand publishes dates and locations of special events (i.e. marathons). Furthermore, users can access a video series called Tracey’s Journey which accompanies a regular female customer during the Special K Challenge. So far, the fan site received 840,512 likes and the brand recruited nearly 7,500 followers on twitter.



Recently, the company also developed an app, My Special K, which allows its users to “design a unique weight management plan, access daily menus, track progress, receive helpful tips, find Challenge-friendly recipes and access Special K’s full suite of products“¹.



Back at home, users are encouraged to share their progress and achievements on Facebook thus converting customers into valuable brand ambassadors.

JWT Kuala Lumpur went even a step further. They designed a complete two-week bundle pack containing Special K packages plus a nightshirt with a measuring scale to track success.



Kellogg’s Special K Drop a Jeans Size Challenge became one of the company’s most successful campaigns. Its huge success led the cereal giant to extend its Special K product line to cereal bars, crisps and drinks.

The brand marketers successfully picked one of their customers’ main worries and designed a consistent communication strategy along the entire path to purchase. By leveraging consumer testimonials and by recruiting brand ambassadors via social media, Special K increased awareness and shopper engagement.

The campaign was also awarded a Bronze Effie Award for creating “(…) a brand whose relevance has grown beyond summer and the breakfast occasion and whose global net sales have almost doubled over the past 4 years to $1.5bn” (quote from 2008)².

shoppernewsblog is fascinated by Special K‘s innovative approach to creating new consumption opportunities and the use of social media to facilitate its costumers to solve a concrete problem, namely weight loss. For this reason we decided to award Kellogg’s Special K with the Shopper Solution Of The Month Award.

Thank you Kellogg’s Special K for making loosing weight a little less hideous!


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What’s your Shopper Solution Of The Month? Please comment so we can take it into account for future awards.


For an in-depth analysis of the success story, please have a look at Effie’s Awards evaluation from 2008:





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