Marketing To Gay Shoppers

They represent an approximated 9,000,000 shoppers in the United States alone¹. Official statistics estimate that an average of 4% to 8% of the adult population share their sexual orientation².

But somehow companies still seem reluctant to market directly to homosexual shoppers. And some companies which did, suffered repercussions from other demographic groups.


In this article we will discuss when and how to best market to gay and lesbian shoppers*.

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Entertain Your Shoppers And Let Them Play

Can you imagine that one day doing the groceries will be fun? According to a recent AdAge article, “fun to shop at” is a key attribute for millennials when chosing a retialer¹.

Millennials will make up approximately 19 percent of Americans in 2020“². Why not convert them into loyal customers by making shopping at your store more fun?

In this article shoppernewsblog introduces five innovative technologies that help marketers from retailers and FMCG to interrupt the monotonous and boring shopping routine with entertaining games.

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Shopper Solution Of The Month (July) – Pampers

July’s Shopper Solution Of The Month goes to P&G´s Pampers brand for its outstanding educational website “Pampers Village.

The website, initially launched in 2008, is an outstanding example of a brand prioritizing the education of shoppers instead of bombarding them with branded content.

Pampers’ products actually take a backseat on the website. Nevertheless, the educational website ultimately increases sales and improves brand indicators hence, serving as a best practice for modern shopper marketing.

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Chapter XIV – How To Get Your Brand Into Shoppers’ Consideration Set

In some categories, shoppers have to choose from hundreds of SKUs. Just have a look at the tooth paste aisle at your local supermarket. You will find at least some ten brands with up to thirty different flavors and benefit propositions leaving every single shopper to choose from a selection of up to 200 options.

But do shoppers really consider all these different products and evaluate them on different dimensions such as price and product attributes or do they apply some heuristics to facilitate the purchasing decision?

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Using Shopper Marketing To Target Minorities

The combined buying power of America’s minorities will increase from $1.6 trillion in 2010 to more than $2 trillion by 2015“¹.  “The Hispanic market alone, at $1 trillion (in 2010), is larger than the entire economies of all but 14 countries in the world”². Moreover, “46% of all mothers in the US are Latina, Black or Asian“³.

But how can companies best market to those minorities without falling back on banal stereotypes?

In this post, we present 10 tips for how to use multicultural shopper marketing to better target minorities.

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The Unconscious Shopper

As human beings we are constantly aware of our surrounding environment. We meet thousands of decisions a day by evaluating different options in the blink of an eye. We are in constant control of our actions. We decide on what product to buy based on a conscious evaluation of different product attributes that matter to us.

But is this really true? Are we in control of our decisions and the underlying process which takes place in our brain? Scientists actually argue for the contrary.

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Chapter XIII – How To Generate Shopper Insights?

Shopper insights are the starting point for any succesful shopper marketing campaign. They stem from a deep understanding of how shoppers behave along the path to purchase, how brands enter their consideration set, and what criteria is applied to decide on one single brand. Moreover, they can be obtained at brand, category, retailer or shopper level.

But how can companies best generate shopper insights?

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How PepsiCo Lost The Cola War – Listen To Your Customers!

In 2007, Indra Nooyi assumed the position of CEO at PepsiCo. It was the recognition for an outstanding career and the reward for her hard work.

In her new position, she wanted to trim PepsiCo for the future. Leaving behind “sugary soft drinks” and “fatty snacks“, she wanted to create a health-oriented food and beverage company matching the lifestyle of modern shoppers.

Nevertheless, the restructuring process antagonized high-ranked employees and upset stock owners as Coca-Cola took a clear lead in the cola war.

What went wrong?

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Chapter XII – What Is A Shopper Insight?

Understanding how shoppers behave along the path to purchase and what exactly makes them buy a certain brand is at the very heart of shopper marketing.

Thus, shopper insights provide the basis for shopper marketing. They are the starting point for any effective campaign.

But what are shopper insights actually?

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Chapter XI – What Is E-Commerce?

E-commerce is attracting more and more attention in recent years. Probably most of us already bought a product online, being it a book on or spare parts on eBay.

But what exactly is E-commerce? And do shopper behave differently when they buy products or services online? In this chapter we first define E-commerce, discuss why it matters, and finish by introducing similarities and differences between offline and online shopping.

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