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More Is Not Always Better – Visual Pollution At The Point Of Sale

shoppernewsblog invited Shopper Marketing experts from all over the world to contribute by sharing their experience with our readers. In this first post, Victoria Casano argues for a clear communication strategy in the historically strong traditional channel in Argentina. To counteract the … Continue reading

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Chapter XIV – How To Get Your Brand Into Shoppers’ Consideration Set

In some categories, shoppers have to choose from hundreds of SKUs. Just have a look at the tooth paste aisle at your local supermarket. You will find at least some ten brands with up to thirty different flavors and benefit … Continue reading

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The Unconscious Shopper

As human beings we are constantly aware of our surrounding environment. We meet thousands of decisions a day by evaluating different options in the blink of an eye. We are in constant control of our actions. We decide on what product … Continue reading

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Reading Your Shoppers´ Minds (Literally)

Every retailer and marketer dreams of being able to read its shoppers´ minds. How effectively could you communicate with them if you just knew what they were thinking? Displays automatically adapting its message and key visuals to the specific shopper, … Continue reading

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